Paul Mitchell


Preps Texture • Builds Volume To create the perfect foundation for undone, effortless looks, INVISIBLEWEAR™ Shampoo cleanses and volumizes for a gorgeously relaxed look. It works to add just the right amount of texture and life into dull-looking hair while infused velvet flower softens each strand for flawless manageability. Use INVISIBLEWEAR™ Shampoo to prep hair for elegantly undone-looking styles.


Humidity Resistance • Natural Hold
Invisiblewear Volume Whip

Humidity Resistance • Natural Hold Too much humidity can wreak havoc on hair. Invisiblewear® Volume Whip® is the perfect product to resisting the damaging effects of humidity while also providing a long-lasting, crunch-free hold. It helps you achieve perfect blowouts and add shine while also fighting frustrating frizz. Hold your hairstyle in place no matter the weather with Invisiblewear® Volume Whip®. Note: Our packaging is getting a makeover, so the product you receive may vary from the images that are shown.