TDZ Hair Sprays

Each one of our super sprays is naturally formulated to meet the specific demands of today’s hair. Unlike other sprays, all of our sprays contain a special natural denatured conditionning alcohol from corn which actually helps inhibit excessive drying.

Trendz Aero-Tec Hairspray

A fast drying, working styling mist for hold and control. This fast drying, flexible fixative has exceptional hold with no sticky residue or build-up. It is resistant to humidity and easy to brush through hair even after re-spraying. Great for long hair that need hold yet free movement.


Trendz Control it Hairspray 10oz

Versatile hairspray. The latest in spray technology. This versatile product lets you decide what type of spray pattern and hold you want. This humidity resistant, thermal friendly formula will never get sticky. Gives you the flexibility to brush through and restyle your hair as many times as you desire. Great for today’s fashionable longer hair styles.