Body Care

Repêchage offers a full range of body care treatments and products, based on select nutrient-rich seaweed plants harvested from the coasts of Brittany in France. The treatments and products are, as envisioned, gentle, effective and beneficial for the skin with ingredients which stand the test of time and state of the art formulations defy it!

  • Body Creams & Massage Oils

    Body Creams & Massage Oils (10)

    Lydia says skincare doesn’t end at the neck! Remember, skin is your largest organ, so take care of it daily from head to toe with these superlative products. The vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant rich seaweeds in our body creams & massage oils are ideal for all over body care and a perfect way to get your body silky smooth and glowing.
  • Body Scrubs

    Body Scrubs (1)

    Slough off dead skin with these natural body scrubs that will leave your skin healthy, glowing and more youthful. Lydia says pay special attention to elbows and feet for ultimate skin smoothness.
  • Bubble Baths & Soaks

    Bubble Baths & Soaks (3)

    Lydia says you cannot afford to skip these 20 minutes for yourself. Kick back and relax in a nourishing bath. Whether you find yourself in need of an energizing soak that will transport you to the Mediterranean with all natural sea salts or looking to detoxify in a Thalassotherapy seaweed bubble bath, these bubble baths & soaks will have you saying spaah!
  • Hand & Foot Care

    Hand & Foot Care (3)

    Take Lydia’s tip and massage your hands and feet daily for stress relief and ultimate hydration. Hand & foot care with anti-oxidant protection and moisturizing ingredients from the sea will keep you looking youthful.
  • Shower Gels

    Shower Gels (2)

    There’s no feeling like the feeling of all over clean! Opt for a hydrating, soap-free gel as your shower and bath companion. Hot water will deplete skin of moisture, try our shower gels with moisture-binding seaweed to help skin lock moisture in.
  • Travel

    Travel (1)

    Never leave home without all your favorite Rêpechage products. TSA-approved sizes fit perfectly in your carry on. Or take them with you to the gym, office or on the go. Perfect purse size!