Awapuhi Shampoo

Thoroughly cleanse any hair type, including color-treated hair, while balancing moisture and adding volume with the Paul Mitchell® Awapuhi Shampoo®. Hawaiian awapuhi works to prevent moisture loss while rich, special conditioners help improve hair texture for a smooth and luscious appearance and feel.


Lite Detangler 8.5oz

If your hair tangles easily, you know how frustrating it can be to brush wet hair. Constant tugging and pulling isn't just painful, it can also cause serious breakage. Paul Mitchell® Lite Detangler® is just what you need to protect delicate strands and make brushing a breeze. This nourishing detangling spray also lightly conditions and leaves hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.


Shampoo One

The Shampoo One® from Paul Mitchell® gently cleanses the scalp while improving manageability, and even adds a deep shine that enhances hair's appearance. It works with panthenol and wheat-derived conditioners that help to improve the hair’s surface texture and manageability. The gentle formula makes the Shampoo One® a great choice for color-treated hair.


The Conditioner

The Paul Mitchell® Conditioner™ is the perfect leave-in moisturizing conditioner to smooth hair, reduce static, prevent dryness and get weary strands back in beautiful shape. Within the conditioner, Hawaiian awapuhi helps balance moisture while wheat-derived conditioners improve the hair's texture.


The Detangler

The Paul Mitchell® Dentangler® works to condition and unknot medium to coarse hair. The salon-quality detangling conditioner includes grapeseed oil to provide instant conditioning, detangling and shine and the carrot extract, rich in beta-carotene, prevents damage due from harmful UV rays.